My Wife’s Rape

I come from a small town. Soon after marriage we had to come to Mumbai. We lived at Thane and Husband’s (Sudhir) office was at VT. One holiday we set out for site seeing in a local train. The train was very crowded. He told me to just get into and in case we separate, I should get down at VT and wait for him at the platform. Else, I could return home, without worrying much. As feared, immediately upon entering I lost track of him. It was so crowded, there was no place to move. Somehow I stood against a wall with people pressing hard against me from all sides except the wall.
There was hardly any thing I could do. The train was running and suddenly I felt that the pressure on my left breast was not normal. I could feel someone was deliberately pressing my breast and rubbing against it. But I could not move. I looked and found one man had the back of his palm on my breast and he was slowly rubbing it. I looked into his eyes and he gave a shameless smile. I was scared and did not know what to do. He took advantage of my predicament and turned his palm towards my breast. Now my breast was in his palm and he could press it much more easily. I was helplessly watching. He removed his hand and I felt relived, but found that he was inserting his hand inside my anchal and reached my breast again, this time directly on the blouse. My breathing almost stopped. Now he was squeezing the boob without any fear of someone seeing what he was doing and I still could not do anything. Then I felt another hand also entering my anchal and grabbing my other breast. But this man’s other hand was holding the train’s rod for support! So….. someone else was holding my other breast……. Both of them kept pressing and playing with my breasts under the anchal and then they slowly unbuttoned my blouse and pulled the bra up, taking hold of my naked breast. They began pinching my nipples and pressing and sqeezing the boobs as they like. There was nothing I could do and in fact I too began enjoying it a little bit. My pussy became a little wet, and I was aroused. I felt that my hand was against one person’s zip. And I felt the hardness there. I was losing control on myself and began enjoying the feel of his hardness. This time when he pressed my boob, I also turned my hand and held his cock in my palm and began stroking slowly. He was very quick. He unzipped his pant and took out the cock, giving it directly in my hand. It was very big and hot. I moved my finger all over the length to get a feel of how big it was and then tried to hold the mushroom head in my fist. It was very very exciting and now I wanted them to sqeeze my boobs even more strongly. I found another cock in my other hand, and could not resist the temptation of doing the same things to this one also. But this cock was not so big. It was also bent a little upwards. I kept stroking the two cocks while both my breasts were being massaged by two strangers, in a very crowded running local train. And then the ultimate happened. I felt another hand slowly trying to pull my saree up and feel my thighs. He reached my thighs and I as if under a spell, spread my legs a little to let him move further up along my inside thighs. I was in a terrible condition! The hand had almost reached my pussy and was stroking over it and I wanted him to get a little harder and go inside. Soon another hand from the other side also joined and two hands were roaming my thighs and pussy. I was in such a state that if they stripped me completely and began fucking me, I would have readily agreed to help them without worrying about the crowd and my husband who was also in the same compartment, somewhere else. I tried to rub the cocks against my body, but they were tall and the cock came against my saree. Touching any where my body was not possible, but they were pushing the cocks hard over the saree and to my stomach. I wished if I could rub these cocks against my breasts and kiss them, but that was not possible. I left the big cock and brought my hand to my nose to get a feel of the smell of this huge cock and enjoyed the pungent aroma. I again reached for his cock and began stroking. My eyes were closed and I was enjoying the fingers in and out of my pussy. I was also enjoying playing with this man’s huge cock and was very seriously thinking of somehow inviting him to my house for fully enjoying his cock. I finally gathered courage and was about to whisper him my invitation, when suddenly the guys pulled their cocks and pushed them in their zips. I got a shock. The others also pulled their hands out of my anchal and pussy and I was almost thrown out of a very wonderful experience. Then I realized some station was coming and people were getting ready to get down. No one bothered to pull back my bra or button my blouse, though the boobs were covered under the anchal. The station came and a big crowd began disembarking, somehow I also got pushed down and out of the train. In the stampede, my anchal got pulled down and my naked breasts became free for all to see. I quickly covered them again under the anchal. It was not VT, but Dadar. I did not have to get down here. But before I could even think of getting back into the train, the train started. Suddenly the guys who had been enjoying my body in side the train, surrounded me and said Chal darling, we have a p[lace here. I said I had to get back into the train as my husband was there, but they laughed and said arrey, hum itne sare husband hain na! fikr kyoon karti hai, sham ko uske pas chalee jana!
One of them caught my hand and I moved after him like a real wife! They came out of the station and took a taxi. I sat and on both sides one man sat. Another one sat on the front seat. They told the driver some place’s name and the taxi moved. Both the men this time just pulled the anchal down and each one took one boob in his mouth. With the other free hand they removed my blouse and bra completely. The taxi driver suddenly turned around and said, hey what are you doing? But no one cared. At the next traffic signal, the driver too moved his hand to back side and pushing one man’s head, grabbed my boob. All of them laughed. The taxi soon reached a market where only a few shops were open. Few young men stood outside a closed shop. The men came out and holding my hand pulled me out too. I was not able to cover my boobs again and when I came out, the anchal was trailing on the ground and my boobs were open. The boys outside the shop were staring at me in disbelief. The men went ahead to open a closed shop and I began pulling my anchal to cover me when another taxi came and in this one the man with the big cock and two more men came. They began moving to the shop holding my hand when one of the boys said, Raju bhaiya, upar wala to dekh liya, jara neeche wala bhi to dikhla do. The man gave a hearty laugh. Two of these men just lifted me, each holding a thigh and supporting my back. They pulled the saree and the petticoat and panty in one stroke and made me absolutely naked in the open street. Now with the legs spread wide open, they took me very near to the boys and said, le, apni janmabhoomi dekh le jee bhar ke. I could imagine- with my legs wide spread the pussy must be open showing them the pink. They were excited and one of them touched my clitoris. These men said, pura tamasha dekhna hai to under aa ja!, and holding me like that, they took me in to the shop. I had once again lost all shame and all inhibition and had begun enjoying the game. Particularly, I thought I had fallen in love with this man with the huge cock- Raju Bhaiya, and wanted him to screw me, even if in front of all these people or on the street.
The shop had almost nothing- just a large mattress on the ground and few files and papers in the shelves. They laid me on the mattress and almost attacked me from all sides. I do not know how many were they. Three had come with me, three in the other taxi, three boys, and probably the taxi drivers had also come in. They were kissing my boobs, touching my vagina and some one took the cock out rubbing against my belly. One of them came towards my head – he was completely naked- and dangled his cock over my face. I kissed it and he pushed it deeper into my mouth. Soon there were cocks all over my body rubbing on boobs, belly, thighs, hands. Someone spread my legs to get a better view of my vagina, but the I felt him licking my cunt. We were all having real fun when I thought where is my love? I could not get the feel of his big cock any where. I somehow raised my head to look around and found him sitting on a chair with a bottle of beer enjoying my rape. He was fully clothed. I pushed every one away and went to him and sat in his lap. Pulled one of his hands over my breast and asked, Have you become angry with me darling? And began kissing him on his face. He held me very lovingly, sqeezed my breast with his right hand and began kissing me on my lips, pushing his tongue in and out of my mouth. Then he said, Darling, I am too big! You first enjoy these and then, when you are ready, you will have me! I pulled his zip and reaching inside, caught hold of his penis and pulled it out- atleast let me suck it and feel it on me! The cock grew manifold! It was really huge. I kneeled in front of him and began licking the enormous cock. I tried to take the mushroom in my mouth but it was too big. I rubbed it on my boobs. Got up again, and rubbed on my pussy! Every one was watching keenly. Then one of them caught me by the breast and said, hey bitch, First you have to satisfy all of us and then only you can have him! I laughed and said to Raju, For you I am ready even after a hundred men have fucked me! But you must be the first to fuck me today. I promise I will not say no to any one after this for whatever they do to me!Raju laughed and made me kneel down before him and then pushed his enormous cock into my mouth. I don’t know how it entered my mouth, but he began stroking and I was choking while still enjoying! I felt his cock with my hand- it was still more than half out side my mouth when the tip almost entered my throat. After a few strokes, he made me kneel like a bitch and entered my pussy from behind. While he was fucking me like this, two more men dangled their cocks in front of my face and I happily obliged them by taking in my mouth one by one. Raju pushed his finger inside my ass and was stroking it while fucking my pussy. Then he took out the cock and placed it on my ass. I thought it was the end of my life. Such a huge cock in the ass would tear me apart and I will never be able to have sex in my life. But he was very gentle. I don’t how he did it, but with very slow movements and very patiently he finally managed to push the whole cock inside. Every one was watching in pindrop silence, expecting me to get torn any moment. But as soon as he pushed the whole giant inside they all began clapping! One of them commented, ye to Sali randiyon ko bhi maat de rahi hai! Raju gave several long strokes and finally pulled out and coming in the front asked me to open the mouth. I again started sucking his cock, but he soon exploded I kept my mouth open to welcome his every drop of cum and drank all of it and finally licked the cock clean.
Now You can have me dear- I turned to the spectators.
They pushed me on the mattress again and once again I had cocks all over. I did not know who was entering where. They were taking turns in exploring each of my holes without releasing themselves. But I was getting continuous pounding in each hole. As soon as one vacated a hole, another one pushed his tool in. Atlast one of them began cumming in my ass. His strokes became slow, ensuring that each drop of his cum was pushed deep inside my intestines. And then all of them one after another began cumming. Three men came in my ass. Two on may face, one on the boobs and one over the pussy and belly. Two cocks were still in my hands and I was masturbating for them. As the hole got empty, I invited them- come, now wherever you want – all holes are free now. But they just brought their cocks closer to my boobs and asked me to continue stroking, as they too were about to cum. Suddenly they too exploded . My boobs, underarms, neck face, every thing was now drenched in cum. All of them were satisfied. I got up and asked, where can I wash myself, to which all became silent. There was no water and not even towels! One of them said, yaar aise he pahan le, thodi der aur hamare virya ka maja milta rahega! I had no options. On my body fully drenched with cum, I put on the bra, panty, and all other clothes which became wet with this cum. Raju said, now I will drop you to your home- just decide what you want to tell your husband!
While returning the train was empty. We got place to sit and I began reminiscing and enjoying again all that had happened. I wanted to do this again! Reaching home I found my husband was anxiously waiting for me and asked where I had been. I said I got pushed out at Dadar and did not know what to do then this gentlemen Raju offered to take me home. He thanked Raju. He asked me how had got those stains all over my clothes. The clothes had dried while travelling back to Thane, and stains of cum were now visible. I said there was a fisher woman who dropped her whole merchandise on me! Raju smiled. Said, let me make some tea for Raju Bhaiya! I went into the kitchen and hid the sugar box and shouted, hey we have run out of sugar- can you get some from the market! Sudhir agreed and went out immediately. I ran again into the lap of Raju and said, See he will take not less than fifteen minutes! Please do it once again! Since time was limited, I just pulled out my panty and unzipped his pant and began sucking the cock. He was hard in no time I sat in his lap slowly sliding the cock once again into my pussy. He said, what if you become pregnant? I said I will be happy to get pregnant from you, but promise, I will get this little bastard also to fuck me atleast once! – He will be a mother fucker!!! We had a wonderful fucking and almost as he came, Sudhir also came back. I pulled the panty back but the cum was trickling from my pussy, With that tricking pussy, I made tea and we all enjoyed. Sudhir kept onm thanking Raju for his help and we both kept smiling. When he was leaving, Sudhir said, please consider it your own home- come whenever you like! I also repeated the same words with a naughty smile!

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